Free Music!


Welcome to the area of the site where we are dedicated you giving you more free music! This is where we take selected full length tracks from Artist's sale quality download content and put them together in a full compilation format. Not only can you listen to it on your computer, but you can take 'em with you and transfer them onto your Ipod, mp3 players etc, or share them with your P2P buddies.


All download store music is created with preservation of the original fidelity and precision in mind. (first and foremost we love music!) Therefore, Sandbar Music rips with Exact Audio Copy (many times straight off the master!) using the best available LAME encoder/compressor at 192 VBR (160-320) recommended Hydrogen Audio Forum settings.


When Sandbar says free, we mean free. No sign ups, emails submissions, no first born. Just click the download link and away you go. We think the music speaks for itself. If you like what you hear, just remember to tell 'em where you got it from and send them our way!


Sandbar Sampler #2

Southern Brother~Chamberlane, Back 2 Me~Edge, Hard To Breathe~Double Ought Buckshot, In My Own Time~Clinton Charlton, River Valley Plains~Catherine Maclellan, Stone's Throw Away~Pat Deighan, The Winds Change Direction (Demo)~Dan Currie, Poets In My Head~The Carousels, This Is A Dream I had~James Phillips, So Hard~Nikkie, Gunning Shore Rag~Rattlesnakin' Daddies

Download Here (55mb)

Sandbar Sampler #1

Edge~ Dreams, James Phillips~I Need An Axe, Nikkie~Rock Me, Pat Deighan and the Orb Weavers~Lost at Sea, Out From Under~Wharfs End, Frank Trainor~The Taste Of Your Own Poison, Mars Hill~Jerusalem Syndrome, Stephane Bouchard & La Funk Six~El Funk, Catherine MacLellan~That Line between Us, Dan Currie~The Apology, Rattlesnakin' Daddies~New Jinx Blues

Download Here (60Mb)