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""An enigmatic talent who remains a tantalizing mystery"

Pat Deighan & The Orb Weavers are a four piece rock band from Charlottetown PEI. The band is made up of Pat Deighan, guitar, vocals; Shayne Coady on drums, vocals; Dan Wagner, bass, vocals and John Mullins, guitar. They are a band with a strong musical vision that can be heard on their most recent album, In A Fever, In A Dream and the quirky Night Light where Pat shows off the beginnings of the Orb Weavers sound.

In A Fever In A Dream is best described as a collection of tunes that rock. As the principal songwriter, Pat has a natural gift for writing songs in various styles with special attention to melody and great hooks.

The new album contains 11 tracks. "The lead off track, Anna Marie is about someone who is lost", explains Pat. "It has a beautiful back up vocal from Catherine MacLellan", he adds. Another standout track is Marigold, which originally showed up on Eyes for Telescopes very first album Please Survive from 2001. "That song just begged to be redone", declared Pat while discussing the tracks on the album. Other highlights include Los Diablos and Here Too Long as well as Goodnight Charlie which was inspired by some lines from Charlottetown poet John MacKenzie. Pat adds, "At the end of the day, the listener will make the ultimate decision about whether this album is good or not.”

Their first album Night Light was released in November 2004.

"Night Light is a simple pleasure superbly executed by a musician with a natural gift for songwriting and a laid back approach to the playing of his songs."

"Deighan's hooky guitars and vulnerability burrow their way into your soul."


In A Fever, In A Dream-2008
Night Light-2004
Third-Eyes for Telescopes-2004
45 Strings-The Tuesdays-2004
SoundsAroundUs-Eyes for Telescopes-2003
Build A Horse-The Tuesdays-2001
Please Survive-Eyes for Telescopes-2001
Before The Big Feast-Various-2001

In a Fever, In a Dream

"I woke up today with hooks in my head, hooks in my head. Monday through Sunday, I go to bed to greet the weaving of hooks in my head". - Sandbar Web Guy

Listen To Sample Tracks

Anna Marie, ~Burn Burn Burn, ~Musical Chairs, ~Say What You Want, ~Marigold, ~Los Diablos, ~So Tell Me, ~Here Too Long, ~Heart of Hearts, ~Goodnight Charlie, ~Let The City Out

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Night Light

"There's not clunker in the bunch. They are all keepers on this CD. A real pleasure to listen to, so put your feet up and enjoy!!"

Listen To Sample Tracks

Play All Night, ~Ants In The Sugar, ~Answering Payphones, ~All The Streets Are Dark, ~Lost At Sea, ~For You, ~Stones Throw Away, ~My Friend Blue, ~Lonesome Too, ~Let The Sunshine In, ~Whiskey Stars, ~Your Hometown, ~You Lose Again

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