About Sandbar Music Pricing

Downloads have variable pricing depending on content. All full album downloads come with the CD artwork unless specified with pricing to reflect that difference. After successfull payment, you have 24 hours to download your music. If you cannot complete a download in the specified time, let us know ASAP. We can check our server records to verify and set you up with another download link to get it done.

As for CDs, they also will have variable pricing as required. We are comitted to keeping prices as low as possible because we are very much aware of the additional costs of shipping and handling.

We use only PAYPAL which now has the option to use your credit card if you'd prefer not to sign up for a traditional Paypal account. When initiating the final checkout process, you will be required to create a Sandbar Music account with us (minimal details), then transferred to Paypal's secure payment sever to enter final payment details.

Under no circumstances will we divuldge any personal information we receive to ANYONE, EVER, PERIOD.

Canada - $3.00 Cdn per CD
USA - $5.00 Cdn per CD
International - $ 7.00 Cdn per CD

We will continue to monitor shipping rates and explore ways to reduce these costs but as of right now, this is the best we can do. If we can ship an item or package cheaper we will make every effort to do so.

For those of you who do not wish to use Payal or credit card and Paypal, you can order stuff the old fashioned way by sending a cheque or money order including shipping and handling for the stuff you want.


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