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Tanya Davis is a poet of the softly outspoken kind, wrapping words around music while searching for meaning at the same time. There are a lot of ways to make art, and this is hers.

Since bursting onto the Halifax music scene with an unfamiliar and yet quickly captivating sound, Tanya has been honing skills, writing songs, and building a body of work with creativity both driven and unique. With the release of her critically-acclaimed debut, Make a List, she began garnering praise and support from industry, audience, and peers; with her award-nominated sophomore effort, Gorgeous Morning, she continued to showcase poignant lyrics, catchy melodies, and expressive, if unconventional, arrangements.

Clocks and Hearts Keep Going, Tanya's third album, speaks to the life and death of things, be it love, gods, or people. Recorded at Little BullHorn Studio in Ottawa over 10 hot days in May, Clocks and Hearts is a testament to candid language, Tanya's words taking centre stage, as they usually do. But, with celebrated Canadian Artist Jim Bryson in the producer's chair this time around, the record shows, more than ever before, that Tanya is as accomplished a melody-maker as she is a lyricist.

With the charming and jangly opening ditty Please Bless, the listener is lulled by warm guitar tones just restless enough to allude to the spiritual unrest the song is exploring. From there to the sparse and mournfully hopeful final track, Fauna, listeners follow Tanya's soft but confidant electric guitar style and her low, warm voice through a weave of genre and theme. Organs swell, banjos roll, and horns call in a sonic landscape more robust than her previous two albums but still with the spaciousness and pause indicative of music that is more about journey than arriving.

Tanya is a 2 time winner in the CBC National Poetry Face-off as well as the Canadian Winner of the 2008 Mountain Stage NewSong contest. In 2009, with support from Bravo, she collaborated with independent filmmaker Andrea Dorfman to produce a short videopoem entitled How to Be Alone; the short has since been featured at numerous film festivals, including The Worldwide Short Film Festival, and the Zebra VideoPoetry Festival (Berlin). It also has 1.8 million views on Youtube.

Clocks and Hearts Keep Going

Clocks and Hearts Keep Going is an album that warrants a dedicated listen. And then another. And then another.... In so doing, you will find Tanya Davis - honest, creative, and ever-changing; less armed than she is penetrable. There are a lot of ways to make art. And this is hers.

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~Please Bless, ~Mourn Your Losses, ~Tra-La-La, ~Eulogy For You and Me, ~Sad Secret, ~Don't Bury Me, ~Hush Little Weeper, ~One Room, ~Sweep The Dust, ~Fauha

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Gorgeous Morning

Recorded over the wintry months in Halifax at Echo Chamber Audio with renowned engineer Charles Austin, Gorgeous Morning portrays Davis through a paradigm of bravery and vulnerability. With an instinctual ear and the vernacular of a poet, she makes wordy music built on unique arrangements that fend off genre and highlight both musicianship and passion.

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~Thesaurus, ~Gorgeous Morning, ~ Trusty Umbrella, ~Art, ~The River Runs, ~Baby Lion, ~Fortress, ~Firebug, ~Where The Ocean Meets The Greenery, ~Us This Day, ~Do More

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Make a List

Tanya Davis is a poet. She is a musician and a singer-songwriter and she fuses these elements together in a refreshing matrimony of language and sound, defying convention, side-stepping genre, and captivating audiences in the process.

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Keep It On My Fridge, ~Long Distance, ~Art, ~ The Drums, ~Poerty, ~As I Lay Sleeping, ~This Sadness, ~Something, ~Potatoes

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The audio track "How To Be Alone" that went viral on You Tube (1.3 million hits and counting) by Tanya Davis is now available for download from Sandbar Music.

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